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Length of treatment and frequency of sessions will depend on the nature of the problems bringing you to SVPS, your goals, and how quickly progress is made. If you plan to use insurance to help cover the cost of your treatment, it is important to establish if you have a plan that focuses on acute problems, which are treated with short-term or brief, goal oriented therapy. At SVPS, we offer brief therapy approaches and will discuss with you information about your policy as we are developing a treatment plan. We also offer longer-term therapy for people interested in going into more extensive exploration of their problems and/or history. In the event that medication could become a useful tool in your treatment, we will discuss referral options for obtaining medication assessment and treatment. In many instances, therapy and assessment sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, while other circumstances require more or less frequent meetings. Meetings are generally scheduled less frequently as progress is made. Together, you and your therapist will determine the session frequency that will best meet your needs.