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Treatment Overview

At SVPS, we see the assessment and therapy process as collaborative between clinician and patient. In other words, patients work together as partners with their therapist to identify problems bringing them to SVPS, assess the nature and origins of these problems, and develop treatment goals and a treatment plan. Following the development of a treatment plan, patients and their therapist work together on creating new coping skills and monitoring progress of treatment. When treatment is complete, patients will be able to maintain their progress through utilization of their new coping mechanisms and are always welcome to check in with their clinician if they experience new stressors or have questions.

Dr. Bristow and Dr. Schimmel also work with systems affecting the individual patient or family. Possibly relevant systems include spouses or significant others, other family members, other health professionals, insurance companies, school systems, and other community resources, such as support groups. All contact with any part of a patient’s system occurs only with the permission of the patient and is part of the treatment plan.