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Scheduling Appointments

Meeting times with your therapist occur by appointment only. Dr. Bristow and Dr. Schimmel schedule appointments Monday through Friday. Appointment times are generally available during the day and two evenings per week. For current patients, emergency or crisis management sessions can usually be scheduled within 24 to 72 hours.

When appointments are scheduled in person, we will provide you with a reminder card. Please feel free to contact your therapist if you are unsure when your appointment is scheduled.

Length of appointment varies based on the type of service provided. Initial assessment sessions consist of a 60 minute meeting with your therapist. Regular psychotherapy sessions are generally 45 minutes in length.

Voice Mail, Paging, and Telephone Consultation

If you are calling because of an emergency or other urgent circumstance, you can inform us immediately of your call by following the paging instructions in your therapist’s mail box greeting. If your emergency is of a life threatening nature, we ask that you call ‘911’, as well as paging us. You can also contact the Crisis Line at (206) 461-3222 or (866) 427-4747.

Routine calls by therapists scheduling, billing, or follow-up purposes, as well as those made to insurance companies and other professionals for coordinating treatment, are an expected part of our service and not charged. If therapeutic phone calls become a routine part of the therapy process, your therapist will discuss the appropriate charge with you.

Doctor on Call

During weekdays, Dr. Bristow and Dr. Schimmel cover urgent calls from their own patients. During weekends, from 5:00pm Friday to 9:00am Monday, we alternate call on a monthly basis. This means that for the entire month, Dr. Bristow or Dr. Schimmel will be available to assist you with emergency or urgent situations. The “Doctor-on-Call” message in our voice mail system will designate who is on call.

We will always inform you about plans to be away from the office for extended periods. When we are on vacation, arrangements are made for another therapist to cover for us. The name and number of this therapist will be on your therapist’s voice mail box greeting message.