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Our Professional Ethics and Standards

Dr. Bristow and Dr. Schimmel follow the code of ethics of the American Psychological Association and the ethical and professional standards provisions of the Washington State Psychology Licensing Laws (RCW 18.83, 18.130, and WAC 308-122). These documents are available for review at our office or online. Licensure ensures that a psychologist has a doctoral degree from an accredited university and has passed a national written examination and additional exams given by the Washington State Examining Board of Psychology. If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment you receive, please feel free to discuss them with your therapist. In addition, or instead, you may contact the Washington State Department of Health in Olympia at (360) 236-4700 or, and/or the Washington State Psychological Association’s Professional Ethics Committee in Edmonds at (206) 547-4220 or